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How will my free quote work?

Our detailed quotes are free. If you fill out this form we collect your details in a GDPR compliant way and enter you into our system to send you your quote. If you have specific questions you are of course welcome to email, call or message on social media. But if you want a quote this is the quickest way to get your site visit. Get More info on The Sultan's Quoting Process



Can we quote from measurements/photos/videos only?

It's possible in theory but it's inaccurate. Photos can often be misleading (especially ones taken for sale/rent out purposes). There are often issues which a layperson wouldn't know to capture, but a trades person will know that they might affect the price.  





Don't have the keys yet?

Please note that if the property is newly purchased we will still ask you to try and arrange a visit. In most cases it's possible.  

What about lockdown?

Decorating & building is still essential. Read more about our stringent health & safety measures.

Blue door
Laminate Floor
Bathroom with black fittings

Sultan Decorators services cover all of London. The closer you are to N10, the more specialised services we can offer. We love working close to home, who doesn't?!