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Matching the tiles to the cat

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

When it comes to design, the choices a client makes can take in account everything from the price point to the colour of their pet. These stone tiles were installed in a wet room where George the cat could really chill. To be honest, he was not overly happy with being stuck in the bathroom with us. But he soon succumbed to the stardom. At least for a few seconds.

Cat in bathroom
George the Cat

Bathrooms the Sultan way

Your bathroom is all about geometry and that feeling of being clean. This particular Scandinavian style wet room comes with gorgeous stone tiles which feel great against your feet or paws. It was done all by the Sultan (except plumbing). Please do keep in mind that your pets might not appreciate that you have chosen colours matching their fur or feathers. Animals have very little appreciation for interior design.

Not all work is done by one Sultan

This was in the infancy of our company. Nowadays we have specialist subcontractors in every trade. Bathroom refurbishments can be tricky and uncover unexpected and unwanted surprises. London plumbing can be an adventure. To put it mildly. At the same time it can be fun to problem shoot (unless you are the client). We're really proud of the many solutions we have given our clients. We have access to tilers of various specialities. Whether it's simple yet classy metro tiles or an expensive Victorian set up.

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