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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

We've been members of the vibrant Decorators Forum for a few years now and sometimes the Missus has a moment to write an expert product review over there. Here you can read more about our favourite products.

paint brush tin

1. Avko Interior Luxury Paint – The great alternative for the clients who think they want Farrow & Ball.

We're Avko Accredited and love this new British brand from Hamble. Read our review on about why it's a better alternative to Farrow & Ball.

2. Picasso vs Purdy - Paintbrush Review.

If Reza had his pick of brush it's normally Purdy.

3. Myths About Decorators.

We are here to demolish them.

4. Dulux Diamond Satinwood - 5 reasons we're using it.

This is another of our go to trade paints.

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