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About The Sultans; We are the team behind this premium and reliable decorating and construction service in Muswell Hill, North London. We wave the skill, patience and customer service to guide you through your refurbishment process.


We especially enjoy helping homeowners; whether they be families, singles or individuals to make their home their own. Our quotes are detailed and we put our hearts and souls into our construction projects. If you are looking for long term value and a premium finish then we might very well be the best builders for you. Get us out for a free quote visit and see for yourself.

/Diana & Reza  

Diana Voxerbrant

Managing Director
"Missus Sultan"

“I’m not the one who builds it or paints it. But I’m the one who makes sure each wall, each home and each client gets excellent service.”

Reza Sultan

Managing Director
"The Sultan"

“I ensure that onsite operations run smoothly. I love discovering artisan materials and making sure every detail is installed or applied with the same high quality. It pays to have patience”

Other team members...

We work with a team of subcontractors and specialists who are truly remarkable at what they do. We also have hard working labourers. Everyone who comes on site is checked, verified and responsible.

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